Craig Cannon

Currently I'm working on Nugget.

Previously I was at Y Combinator where I made the podcast, videos, and worked with partners to write essays. I also put together Employee #1, a series of interviews with the first employees of Apple, Amazon, and other tech companies.

Before YC I spent time biking around Vietnam, New Zealand, and Japan. I wrote about Vietnam and Japan though I'm still procrastinating on a New Zealand post. I decided to take that trip after setting a cycling world record with the help of many friends.

Going further back, I cofounded Comedy Hack Day and did head swaps at The Onion.

You can reach me any time here:


Projects and conversations

  • The Container Guide written with Tim Hwang
  • Salt of the Earth hosted with John Swope
  • Hiking the John Muir Trail
  • YC interview with Adora Cheung
  • The Prepared interview with Spencer Wright
  • My favorite YC episodes

  • Rosalind Watts on Psilocybin Therapy
  • Michelle Kuo and Kat Manalac on Art and Technology
  • Casey Neistat and Matt Hackett
  • Russ Roberts of EconTalk
  • Leonard Susskind on Richard Feynman
  • Rana Adhikari on Gravitational Waves
  • Sam Altman on his essays
  • Any episode with Michael Seibel

  • Photo: Robert Irwin, 1° 2° 3° 4°