I'm Craig Cannon. I've spent the past four years organizing Comedy Hack Day and consulting for startups. If you'd like to work together, here's my email.



  • "Thoughtful design? Organizing huge communities? Get you a Craig who can do both."
    Matt Hackett - Beme Cofounder, Ex-VP of Engineering at Tumblr
  • "If you're a small Mom & Pop pizzeria looking for a full-stack virtuoso to handle marketing, design, web dev, or product trials, you should call Craig. If you're a Fortune 100 market leader, you should do the same. He'll probably charge you more, but the end deliverable will be nearly as compelling!"
    Mimi O Chun - General Assembly Design Director
  • "Whether I’m looking to get lost in the woods for a week or kick off a new software project – I want partners who are light-hearted, resourceful, and driven, and Craig tops my list for both."
    Jace Cooke - Giphy Cofounder
  • "You'd be hard-pressed to find a better Craig for your team. Seriously though, Craig's great and I'd recommend working with him."
    Luke Iseman - Y Combinator Hardware Director