I'm Craig, the guy looking at the camera. I live in Oakland, CA.

I like riding bicycles and this video.

Here are some things I've contributed to:

  • Cultivated Wit
    Cofounded CW with my friends Baratunde and Brian. At Cultivated Wit I run Comedy Hack Day and write software.
  • My blog
    Posts about cycling, hiking, and programming.
  • Teaching
    Experience Design at the Stanford (2014), UX Design at General Assembly (2013)
  • The Container Guide - (2014)
    A field guide to shipping containers I'm making with Tim Hwang.
  • Tentduino - (2013)
    An Arduino that relays barometric changes to a strand of LEDs in my tent.
  • How To Be Black - (2011-2012)
    Helped Baratunde get his book on the NYT Best Seller list.
  • The Onion - (2010-2011)
    Professional head swapper.

Say hi.